Excel Formula, I am fighting with.

=IF(AND(OR(IFERROR(SEARCH(“Beguiling Influence”,Attacks_Defenses_notes,1),0)>0,IFERROR(SEARCH(“Beguiling Influence”,Features_Abilities_notes_1,1),0)>0,IFERROR(SEARCH(“Beguiling Influence”,Features_Abilities_notes_2,1),0)>0),OR(AND(Z10=”Warlock”,AH10>1),AND(Z11=”Warlock”,AH11>1),AND(Z12=”Warlock”,AH12>1),AND(Z13=”Warlock”,AH13>1))),2,0)

The answer should be 2 for the current spreadsheet but it is only showing 0. Information from the spreadsheet Warlock 2 with Beguiling Influence in the FEATURES_ABILTIES_NOTES_1 area.

Each portion of the formula reports the right information & if I select the whole formula & hit InsertFunction it shows that it should be returning 2, but the actual formula does not.


(Edited down to the portion not working.)