How to play RPGs pamphlet.


So I was burned out on the tedious work I was doing so, I started creating a PDF pamphlet of How to play RPGs.

It was in part because last week my kids & I played with a couple of people that my daughter said she wasn’t a good enough role player to separate the fact that she, as a player, knows the other PCs found some wealth & didn’t share it with our PCs, whom are supposed to be companions of 10 years.

1. Pay attention to the GM.
2. Pay attention to the other players.
3. Tell the GM what your character is doing.
4. Perform the actions the GM tells you to.
5. Have fun.
6. Follow the law of Wheaton.

It was a good distraction for lunch & it is posted here if you want to use it as a joke for someone or maybe a talking point for your game table.

Have fun, DaddyDM.