RPGChat story starter idea.

So today was a light day at work and I tossed an idea out on Twitter. I dubbed it #RPGChat story starter. A person I follow & who follows me back, jumped in helping to put a story around one of the starters I put up on the hashtag. You can see below the results that I copied from Twitter and pasted here.

DaddyDM (Me): #RPGchat story starter: “You iggits! Don’t you know how to put a werewolf down? Get your crossbows, we’ll have to go after it!”

SharnDM (Kevin Smith): “Werewolf!? That thing had to be nearly 5 meters tall!? If that was a werewolf, I’m a wererat!”

DaddyDM: You iggit, when did you let a wererat bite you now I’m going to have to end you to protect everyone else.

SharnDM: “The Captain never was very quick with sarcasm…”

DaddyDM: “Oh you were making a stupid joke with all these bodies laying around, I thought I taught you to be more respectful than that. I aught to wound you & leave you as bait for that werewolf, so I can take him out while he is chowing down on you.”

SharnDM: *Walks away grumbling* “Everyone’s gotta cope somehow. Alright you dogs, there’s a Lycan somewhere & we aim to put it down!”

DaddyDM: Put a bolt in its eye & it will be distracted long enough for one of us to lob its head off then burn at least the head. Whose our best tracker to follow that trail?

SharnDM: *Higgans rushes forward* “Since we jus’ lost Merrian to tha’ beast I suppose it’s me sah!’ I must admit though, I’m better with Gobs”

DaddyDM: Get to it but don’t make any noise doing it, that thing could turn back & take us all out. Take the fox w/you, if it runs you follow.

SharnDM: *Hours Later* “We found Higgans & the fox Cap…ain’t pretty. He wounded it though, I think it’s in that copse of trees over there.”

DaddyDM: It’s smart, I’ve never seen 1 catch a fox before. Usually the foxes seem to have a 6th sense that those beasts are coming.

SharnDM: Maybe it was protecting Higgans? What do you think Cap, it’s 3 hours till dawn. Wait this thing out?

DaddyDM: 3 hours of waiting around for it to hunt us, are you stupid, crazy or terminally lazy? Climb that tree w/your buddy & keep a watch.

SharnDM: I’m on it Cap! This thing won’t leave that copse of trees without me spottin’ it!

DaddyDM: Take your buddy with you, because if even one of you falls asleep you won’t have to worry about anything but me!

SharnDM: *Nods* I got a bad feeling about this one Cap. He’s a true monster.

DaddyDM: Do you see those leaves all shaking in those two trees there? <points to the oaks across the meadow> <hushed> I think, it’s watching us. Get the witch, maybe she can set a trap the beast won’t see coming.

SharnDM: Shall we loose a volley of these silver tipped bolts?*one of the rookies accidentally launches one. **A roar sounds & it crashes forth.

DaddyDM: Spread out, hide behind things & use its bulk against it. You, “little boy”, if you survive this, you are out.

SharnDM: *The beast crashes out, far larger than any Werewolf seen before. It charges head long*

DaddyDM: Cap drops a screeching fountain next to a rock and then dives behind a tree throwing firecrackers to the other side of the trees.

SharnDM: *The bright lights sear the eyes of the beast, but not the captain’s men. They move fluidly into position and take aim.*

DaddyDM: Aim for the eyes!! Grabbing an axe, throwing more firecrackers to the beast’s front right, he starts charging towards its back.

SharnDM: *Silver tipped bolts strike it’s exposed belly as it rears from the lights. It howls a foggy breath into the night*

DaddyDM: Throwing himself w/the axe at the beast’s throat Cap realizes that he isn’t going to make it cuz the beast will recover too quickly.  Swinging the axe wildly he sinks it deeply into the being’s wrist & kicks at its tender bits.

SharnDM: The beast howls again and backhands the Captain nearly 20 feet to his left.

DaddyDM: The captain thuds against the trunk of a tree, silently he falls to the ground. The {rookie} in the tree grabs his buddy’s crossbow shaking he points it almost directly into the werewolf’s eye & pulls the trigger.

SharnDM: DON’T WORRY CAP! *The bolt sails true, sinking to the feathers into the beast’s eye. He totters…*

DaddyDM: 2 of the crew are able to swing axes at the beast’s neck sinking deeply. The witch summons a owl of flame that sears the wounds. The beast stumbles crushing the witch, snapping at the 2 rookies, then smacks the axe wielders away knocking the axes to the ground.

SharnDM: Blinded in one eye, wounds seared & unhealing he finally collapses, his form shrinking as it reverts to human.

DaddyDM: Any1 left standing grabs whatever they can & wounds the body until the head rolls away, feeling relieved they then realize…

SharnDM: …”Its…Higgans, Gods above…”

DaddyDM: One of the newbies says, “How can that be, we saw him torn apart with the fox?”

SharnDM: The Cap walks up shaking his head, that was Higgans ya fool. This is Marrien, his brother. They were twins… Higgans ya fool, you prolly tried to reason with it…

DaddyDM: Can’t reason w/a demon can you Cap? They’ll possess some1 fast & deceive every1 around them. Causing chaos & destruction everywhere. It explains why they’re so big, that the silver only marginally slowed ’em down & how they can jump from 1 dead being to another.

SharnDM: Marrien has spent his life around silver, its no wonder.

DaddyDM: Cap, don’t get me wrong I’m glad to see you up & walking around, but how did you survive hitting the tree the way you did?

SharnDM: Been at this a long time kid, had more than a fair chance to acquire tools to survive something like that kid.

And that’s where we left off, because it was time to go. I enjoyed doing this. I hope Kevin did and you have enjoyed reading it too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.